Shopping List for Chronic Kidney Disease

Below are items which have been demonstrated through scientific or clinical studies to have significant positive effects on chronic kidney disease. These are provided for educational and research purposes only. As always, be mindful of any allergies you may have and consult with your physician before starting any regimen in addition to your prescribed therapy.

  • Chicken, fish, or eggs (in lieu of red meat)
  • Mediterranean diet items (fruits, beans (cannellini, chickpeas, fava, green, kidney and navy), almonds, coucous, lentils, pistachios, quinoa, farro, oats; cinnamon, rosemary, paprika, basil, mint leaves, olive oil, oregano, thyme, vinegar, tahini; salmon, sardines, tuna, chicken, eggs; reduce the following: beef, goat, and lamb)
  • Brazilian green propolis extract
  • Abelmoschus manihot (aibika extract)
  • Polyporus umbellatus (umbrella polypore mushroom)
  • Red sage, redroot sage, Chinese sage, danshen
  • Vidari kanda (Ipomoea digitata)


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