About us

Ayuda Health develops solutions for people living with chronic diseases. We support medication administration and lifestyle modifications to improve overall outcomes. Our solutions are convenient and accessible, as we design with the patient and the person in mind.

Our mission

At Ayuda Health, our mission is to empower people on their journey to better health.

Core Values

Our core values underpin our mission to provide evidence-based, inclusive solutions for individuals living with chronic diseases.


We operate ethically in a manner that respects our customers and partners.


We are sympathetic and empathetic to our customers' unique journeys to better health.


We embrace the spirit of teamwork with our customers, healthcare providers, and partners.

Our Story

Ayuda Health was born out of conversations between founder Marsha Haynes  and her father who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Through those conversations, he learned about the importance of managing day-to-day fluctuations in blood sugar through lifestyle modifications. He applied his learnings, achieving long-term control and reduction of his medications. This led to further conversations with others living with chronic diseases where the following gaps became apparent: continuity of care post-diagnosis and comprehension of the connection between lifestyle and chronic disease management. Through nearly 20 years experience in the biopharmaceutical industry and interactions with thousands of healthcare professionals, Marsha gained specialized insight into the challenges of chronic disease management from the perspectives of the patient, healthcare provider, and caretaker.