Simplify the journey

Manage meds, monitor symptoms, and modify habits all on a simple interface.

Align reminders with your day-to-day

Set your daily schedule and align it with your medication and supplement reminders. Stack daily habits to build a healthier routine.

Log it all

The e-diary enables you to store vital readings (such as blood sugar and peak expiratory flow rate) and record symptoms, side effects, and general well-being using the voice-to-text feature.

Make small lifestyle changes

Customize goals around stress management, sleep quality, diet, and symptom/trigger recognition to improve outcomes.

Engage your support system

Add caregiver(s) to support you with medication management and lifestyle goals. Generate a detailed report of medication history and e-diary output for your healthcare provider to inform future health decisions.

Your personal and identifiable data are secure and are never shared with third parties.

As we strive for continuous improvement of our solutions, we aim to engage customer feedback through multiple channels.  We want to hear from you and about your journey to better health.

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