Managing Your Chronic Disease: DRESS for Success

Your management plan is not limited to taking all your medications as directed. It involves managing other factors proven to affect the course of your disease. To manage your disease(s), remember to DRESS for success:

D is for de-stressing: stress management is crucial to improving quality of life and enhancing health outcomes. Mindfulness/meditation, yoga, deep breathing, music and aromatherapy are examples of effective stress reduction. Additionally, prioritizing and delegating tasks can help prevent feeling overwhelmed

R is for recognizing and recording triggers and symptoms: what foods cause your blood sugar or blood pressure to spike? What exposures trigger an asthma attack? Do any patterns emerge? Record these in your e-diary. 

E is for eating and supplementing for key deficiencies: making small dietary and supplement changes can help with symptom management, and in some cases, disease control. Several studies have shown the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in diabetes and hypertension, and boron supplementation in osteoarthritis

S is for sleeping better. Restless sleep has been associated with increased obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease risk. Finding ways to improve sleep quality is a matter of trial and error. Ensuring your room is dark and at a comfortable temperature, avoiding electronic devices at least an hour before sleep, exercise, or placing a knee pillow between the legs (for side sleepers) are example ways to improve sleep.

S is for securing a support system. Having at least 1 person to share in your progress, provide encouragement, and even attend doctor’s appointments with you is crucial to your chronic disease management plan. One of these individuals can be added as your caregiver within the Ayuda Health app. 


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