Chronic Disease Management Simplified

Ayuda Health offers solutions to support medication adherence, monitoring, and
lifestyle modifications for patients living multiple chronic diseases.

Individualized Treatment Support

We base our solutions on the person, not just the patient. We account for their individual
needs, diverse backgrounds, and the complexities of their disease and management strategy.

Engaging Experience

Our solutions engage the patient, caregivers, and the healthcare professionals to ensure
support with adherence to and persistence on disease management plans.

Evidence-based Approach

We are driven by data and our offerings are based in up-to-date clinical evidence.

What we do

Ayuda Health is focused on helping patients living with multiple chronic
diseases obtain the support and resources for optimal management and quality of life

Medication adherence and administration errors

Missing doses and incorrect administration can negatively impact the efficacy, safety and effectiveness of the therapy, and can increase overall costs long term. Ayuda Health’s solutions offer customized scheduling and time-of-dosing support for patients to obtain the benefit of their therapies.